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Our Story

Two Brothers Winery is a local family business owned and operated by two brothers, Brian and Eddie Kirkwood, and their spouses, Stephanie and Donna, as well as two long time family friends, Greg and Stephanie Espinoza. Eddie and Donna had dreamed of opening a winery in Keller, TX where they currently have a thriving insurance agency.  They had been a part of the Keller community for many years and had watched the small-town begin to develop by bringing in amazing restaurants and shopping options, but a winery had not been thought of.  Eddie and Donna joined forces with Eddie’s brother Brian and his wife Stephanie to make it a true family business.  While the building was being renovated and they were waiting to open Greg and Stephanie joined the team.  They had always been a part of the overall plan but now they are part of the “family” biz.  So, while the name remains Two Brothers Winery, we have a 3rd brother/friend that God graciously blessed us with.  Problem is, it was way too late to change the name from Two Brothers to Two Brothers And A Brother From Another Mother.  Therefore, Two Brothers Winery it is.

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