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Deep River Chip Pairing

Deep River Chip Pairing

Chips And Wine - Oh my!

Who says food and wine pairings always have to be uber fancy? Seriously! We're not always searching for that perfect vintage, French champagne to serve with escargot and foi gras appetizers while wearing a cocktail dress and sipping from a crystal flute with our pinky's up! 

Sometimes we need the comfort of a humble bag of of potato chips on the couch in our bathrobe!  Lets face it... probably more bathrobes than cocktail dresses these days anyways!  Am I right? We love our snack foods but how do you know which wine goes with which chip? Deep River Snacks have plenty of amazing flavors to choose from! Dill Pickle chips, anyone?

Join us on November 10h 2021 for a small group Salty Snack Pairing at 6:30PM
Our TBW wine maker will choose and present a special fight of 5 wines; each one perfectly paired with this salty snack food. Have some fun, drink a little wine and see if you agree with our staff's picks! 

Come on! You know you want to get out of the house! Grab a friend or two and feel free to wear those bathrobes! 

Cost - $28.00 per person. Cost includes a take home souvenir wine glass. Local tax and gratuities not included.

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